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Chimney Lining & Lining Repairs

Chimney liners can easily be installed to overcome draw problems, leaking chimneys smoky chimneys or to help reinstate old disused chimneys. The liners can either be Rigid or flexible and are available in various materials but most commonly stainless steel or Pumice.

Steel chimney liners are lowered down inside the chimney then sealed to the chimney at both ends creating a new gastight flue that will withstand high temperatures and minimise the risk of deposits. They are specifically designed for quick installation with the minimum of disruption, and their flexibility can cope with bends and “offset” style Victorian chimneys.

There are a number of reasons why an old chimney may need lining.

  • The flue is leaking smoke and
    fumes into other rooms or parts of the building.
  • Condensates or tar are seeping through the chimney walls causing staining, either inside or outside the building (a common problem with wood burning stoves)
  • The flue is much too large for the type of fire or appliance being used.
  • The flue is too cold, particularly if on an outside wall, and is not drawing properly.
  • If the chimney was built since 1965, but with the liners fitted the wrong way up, tar and condensate leakage may occur.
  • The old flue surface is eroded and rough, causing frictional resistance to the flow of the gasses resulting in poor up draught.

Did you know there are around 30,000 chimney fires annually in the UK?

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