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Chimney Problems / Repairs

Ordinarily, running an open fire is a problem-free experience and a well maintained chimney should remain operational for many years. There are however a few issues that can arise occasionally. Our engineers are experienced in the early identification of potential problems and will be happy to advise you of any remedial action they feel prudent.

Leaking Chimneys
Regularly used or old chimneys can leak after years of tars and acids building up which react with the chimney walls and erode the mortar causing unsightly stains on the exterior of the building or worse the leaking of noxious fumes within the building. Chimney leakage is easily solved by dropping down a liner that fits inside the chimney creating a new gastight flue that will withstand high temperatures and minimise the risk of deposits.

Smoky chimneys
Excessive Smoke from your chimney is usually caused by poor upward draught, poor ventilation or downward draught from the chimney. Many draught problems can be solved by fitting an appropriate cowl, more suitable size chimney lining or simply adjusting the position of the fire grate.

In many old houses the flues were built much too large to enable ease of access to the flues for cleaning. Large chimneys with oversized, uneven or damp flues are very inefficient and usually produce poor up draught causing smoke to blow back into the room. A good liner will provide a smooth and sealed flue that warms quickly to create a strong up draught, allowing stoves and fires to operate efficiently.

In extreme cases, the position and height of the chimney-stack can causes smoky fireplaces. Chimney-stacks rising from the eaves of a roof or chimneys overlooked by taller buildings or trees can cause 'blow-downs' from gusts of wind blowing over the taller objects and sweeping down onto the flues. These problems can often be solved by introducing specially designed chimney-cowls with side openings.

Infirm or broken chimney pots
Chimneys are exposed to all weather conditions all year round. Hence, loose pots, cracked brickwork, blocked flues and damaged flashing are common problems.
Chimneys need to be maintained in good condition not only to facilitate efficient operation of your appliance but to prevent damage to surrounding property or worse passers by from falling masonry or pots, especially in adverse weather conditions.

Did you know there are around 30,000 chimney fires annually in the UK?

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