Chimney Cleaners

Reinstate old Chimneys

You may be wanting to open up an old fireplace or have an old chimney and wish to install a wood burning appliance.

Opening up an old fireplace can instantly and relatively cheaply transform to a healthier and more invigorating atmosphere whilst adding to the character of your home. Solid fuel fires are clean and easy to operate, highly efficient, flexible and easy to install.

If the chimney lining is in an irreparable state, the chimney can be re-lined using Pumice or flexible stainless steel flue liners which are specially designed for quick installation with the minimum of disruption, and their flexibility can cope with bends of up to 45 degree and typical “offset” Victorian chimneys. These can also be insulated to alter the thermal properties of your chimney.

Many modern stove and fire manufacturers require that chimneys are fitted with a suitable flue liner of the correct size and specification to ensure safe and efficient operation of the fire or stove.

Did you know there are around 30,000 chimney fires annually in the UK?

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