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How often should I sweep my chimney?

There are around 30,000 chimney fires annually in the UK alone, though prevention is as simple as ensuring your chimney is inspected and swept regularly.

You should be aware that your insurance may be void if you experience a chimney fire and don't have certification proving that it has been inspected and swept. You should be able to budget in an inspection and sweep as you should be saving on fuel bills once you start burning bio-mass.

The table below should give you an idea of how often your chimney needs sweeping, but please remember that if the chimney is being used heavily, you might want to consider having it done more often. We casn advise you about that after checking your chimney for it's efficiency.

It also makes sense to have the chimney swept after the bird nesting season each spring, or getting a cowl with bird resistance fitted. This will also help to prevent ingress of leaves and other debris.

Appliance Frequency, per year
Smokeless fuel Once
Coal Twice
Wood Four times, when in use
Gas If designed for chimney sweeping. We can advise.
Oil Fired Once

If you operate a stove with doors, you should also check the door gasket. You should of course do this when the stove is cold, to prevent injury and/or fire hazard. Simply place a thin strip of paper between the door and the stove and shut the door tightly. Next, see if you can pull the paper out, ensuring you try this at several different positions around the door. If the paper pulls out, you may need to reset the door adjustment. If that doesn't work a replacement gasket may be necessary.

Stove servicing requirement is minimal, but should of course be carried out for safety reasons. We will carry this out for you at a small charge in excess of the chimney sweeping service.

It is important to have lined chimneys swept on a regular basis, especially when burning wood. Although it is generally recommended that this is done - at a minimum - annually, for your peace of mind, we would recommend the frequencies given above.

We'll provide professional advice based on the type of flue, type of appliance, whether there is a boiler fitted, and the amount of chimney and its draw. We can also advise on an install directional chimney cowls that will improve the flow where necessary.


Did you know there are around 30,000 chimney fires annually in the UK?

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