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Tumble dryer and laundry room flues. Stay safe!

Statistics tell us that there are more than 15 thousand cases of fires due to tumble or other dryer vents catching light. But, to be more specific, it is negligence in cleaning dryer vents that causes the problems! 

But don't take just our word for it, here's a link to a recent incident in a nursing home in Canterbury.

It's a no brainer really, when you're heating clothes with a tumble dryer, these give off lint, which being damp, coats the flue, then dries in between cycles. You now have an explosive combination of inflammable material in an enclosed space and oxygen easily permeates to it.

The situation can be made worse where the flues have long paths and many bends in which the lint can accumulate and hence block the passage.

Regularly cleaning your laundry / tumble dryer vent will:

  • Help prevent fires
  • Improve the drying capability of your machines (the faster the exhaust can escape, the better the machine works)
  • increases the life span of your appliances.

It is advisable to hire a professional duct / chimney cleaning company if you need to have dryer vent cleaned.  Your insurance company might vioid your claim if you do not have proof of vent cleaning in the event of a fire.


Did you know there are around 30,000 chimney fires annually in the UK?

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